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Brynton & Snaed Light Railway


In​ The Beginning - My interest in model railways was first aroused when I was 4 years of age and my father presented me with a TT gauge train set - I can still remember the excitement of staging head-on collisions and derailments on my parent's bedroom floor. My interest in model making came a few years later when my father bought an Airfix kit of a B29 bomber which I helped to build and from that moment I was hooked on model making. Many childhood hours were spent carefully constructing and painting aeroplanes and ships only for them to be set afire and hurled from my bedroom window or launched into the sea to be sunk in a hail of pebbles. Indeed, the sinking of the Bismarck off Herne Bay back in '74 was a particularly memorable occasion. Fortunately my penchant for destroying models has waned over the years.

A Garden Railway Is Born - My interest in model railways re-emerged in my early twenties when I decided to construct a OO gauge layout, however despite purchasing track, locos and rolling stock the layout was never started. I moved into my current abode in the north of Buckinghamshire in 1990 and it was another 15 years before I was again overcome with a strong desire to build a model railway, my creative talents being directed elsewhere during the intervening years. The spare bedroom was duly set aside and, after careful consideration, I decided to sell all my OO gauge gear and opt for an N gauge layout set near the German/Swiss border in the late '60s to early '70s. It was whilst constructing this layout that I had the idea of one day constructing a garden layout. Although this was definitely a project to be considered in my retirement I soon found myself thinking more and more about a garden railway layout. Before I knew what had hit me I had become the proud owner of a radio controlled Roundhouse Lady Anne live steam locomotive, albeit in kit form. The loco was soon built and work on the railway infrastructure began in 2006. And so the BSLR was born.

It's All In The Name - Being originally from Herne Bay in Kent I decided that the BSLR was to be a fictional railway located somewhere in north Kent. I thought it would be nice to also use my own initials of BS and eventually settled for the Bluetown & Swale Light Railway. Blue Town is a town located on the Isle of Sheppey within the district of Swale which is named after The Swale, the channel that separates mainland Kent from the Isle of Sheppey. I later changed the name of the railway to Brynton & Snaed, this being an anagram of my name.

The BSLR Today - The BSLR is a 16mm to the foot 2ft narrow gauge railway running on SM32 gauge track. It is a fictional railway located somewhere in the north of the beautiful county of Kent and is set in the 1950’s. It operates diesel and steam-hauled services between the rural town of Brynton and the famous Snaed Pools, a beautiful cascading stream once very popular with tourists in Victorian times. There are two branch lines which enable gypsum from the Jolley Gypsum Quarry to be transported to Wobbly Wharf where it is loaded in to barges. The railway has slowly evolved over the years and will no doubt continue to evolve well into the future. A full history of the line can be found in History. 

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