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Brynton & Snaed Light Railway

29 August 2015 - Sun Shines On Gala Day

This year's Brynton & Snaed Light Railway annual gala was held on Saturday 29th August. Doors were open from midday and soon the BSLR was abuzz with the sound of visiting steam engines trundling along its metals. There was a good number of visitors which was no doubt helped by the warm sunny weather and, needless to say, the catering department were kept busy furnishing parched drivers, firemen and visitors with refreshments. The BSLR management would like to thank all those took part and made this year's gala a very enjoyable event. Pictures of the gala day can be found in Photos

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co.

13 August 2015 - It's A Miracle; New Church Appears Overnight

On the morning of Thursday 13 August the local residents of Brynton were greeted by the sight of a new church in their village. It was just over three years ago that residents were woken in the small hours by the collapse of the bell tower of the original church, the rebuilding of which had only recently been completed. Jack Daniels, landlord of the Smugglers Inn and who lives opposite the church, told reporters that he heard nothing unusual during the night. Ms Dotty Jones, a near-by resident, said “My cat Matilda wanted to go out, I could tell as she had just put her hat and coat on, so I let her out the front door. That was about 11 o'clock last night and I'm sure the old church was still there. When I went to fetch the milk this morning I saw a brand new church stood right where the old one used to be. I thought we might have been visited by aliens or something during the night. You hear all sorts of stories about people being abducted and being probed by aliens, so naturally I was very worried about my pussy being probed. Fortunately I found her asleep on the compost heap." Rev. Bartholomew Simpson told reporters that he could not explain it but he believes it is a miracle and a gift from God, adding "God moves in mysterious ways". The mystery continues to baffle local residents.

Below: The new village church. 

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co

08 July 2014 – A Four Year Span To Bridge The Gap

After a four year wait the BSLR finally opens the new bridge structure at Snaed. The new bridge replaces the temporary structure that was erected just east of Snaed station back in August 2010. In July of that year a P-Way investigation into a report of rough riding revealed that the track bed had risen up due to the roots of an adjacent tree. The subsequent plan to remove some of the sub-base proved to be unachievable and a temporary bridge structure was put in place in order to hand the railway back for operation. See relevant notices below for full details.

After some deliberation the BSLR decided to opt for a permanent bridge structure rather than the renewal of the sub-base and track bed, and subsequently put the job out to tender. The project has taken four years of planning and fund raising activities and has included the sale of some of its older and much loved passenger stock. A four day blockade was taken in order to remove the temporary structure and replace it with a permanent one. Work commenced on the morning of Friday 04 July and was completed on the evening of Monday 07 July. The new bridge was formally opened by the Mayor and Mayoress of nearby Trumpton during a low-key ceremony.

Below: The new Snaed Bridge. 

Bryon & Snaed Light Railway Co

29 June 2014 – Rain Doesn't Dampen BSLR Gala Spirits

Water, water everywhere... This year’s Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Gala got off to a slow and very wet start. Showers had been forecast throughout the afternoon of Saturday 28 June and this undoubtedly kept the crowds away this year, however those hardy souls that braved the rain and were duly rewarded.

On the day the forecasted showers arrived in one lump as a prolonged spell of very heavy rain with thunder and lightning. The deluge started around 11am and continued until around 1.30pm during which time the BSLR seemed on a par with the Darjeeling Railway in the monsoon season.

The gates were optimistically opened at midday as planned with the first visitors arriving around 1.15pm as the rain began to ease. More visitors soon arrived quickly followed by warm sunny spells which stayed for the remainder of the day. BSLR metals were graced with a number of visiting diesel and steam engines including Charles who had a series of test runs on the BSLR back in January.

Despite the low turnout the day was a great success with a good time had by all. One of the highlights of the gala was a fly past at 5pm by a Mk XIX Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight which marked the official close of the gala, however the BSLR remained open with the last visitors leaving around 6.30pm. Those who stopped off at Snaed Pools on the way home were treated to a spectacular scene at the falls due to the earlier heavy rain. Photos

Below: Wobbly Wharf floods at low tide. 

Bryon & Snaed Light Railway Co.

9 February 2014 – Charles On Trial

On 3rd January this year the BSLR had the honour of welcoming Charles, a Penrhyn Hunslet engine recently purchased by a local enthusiast. The new owner was invited to put Charles through a series of test runs on BSLR metals to ensure everything was in working order. Needless to say Charles performed superbly. The BSLR hopes to see more of Charles in the future.

Below: Charles is seen passing Olga at Brynton station.

Bryon & Snaed Light Railway Co.

9 February 2014 – The Great Stour Disaster

Saturday 3rd January 2014 proved to be a bitter sweet day for the BSLR. Having experienced the joy of seeing visiting loco Charles perform a number of successful test runs, happiness was to turn to dismay due to the derailment of a works train later that day.

The works train was en-route from the maintenance depot to undertake some urgent repairs at Snaed station. Driver Burt was at the controls of Olga whilst the work gang where travelling in the brake van at the rear with the guard. The works train had crossed the bridge over the Great Stour and had negotiated the tight right hand bend over the viaduct. It is believed that the first wagon behind the loco became derailed at the end of the viaduct and at the start of the embankment; this caused the following two wagons and the brake van to derail. Driver Burt brought Ogla to a stand and looked back over a scene of devastation on the embankment beside the Great Stour. Happily no one was seriously injured, however the work gang did sustain minor cuts and bruises and Eddy the guard suffered a broken arm.

The ensuing investigation determined that the derailment was due to a bad dip in the track caused by subsidence. It is fortunate that the derailment was contained by the line side fencing which prevented the wagons from plummeting off the embankment. The track defect and wagons have since been repaired and Eddy is now back at work albeit on light duties for the present time.

Below: The scene of devastation beside the Great Stour.

Bryon & Snaed Light Railway Co.

11 August 2013 - Another Successful Gala Day

This year the Brynton & Snaed's Light Railway's annual gala was held on Saturday 10th August. There was a good turn out of locomotives and rolling stock from other railways including the beautifully scenic Tryfon Vale Light Railway. The weather on the day was warm and sunny and the catering department were kept busy furnishing parched drivers and firemen with refreshments. Once again the BSLR management would like to thank all those took part and made this year's gala a very enjoyable event. Pictures of the gala day can be found in photos.

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co

2 September 2012 - Gala Day Hailed A Success

On Saturday 1st September the Brynton & Snaed Light Railway held it's annual gala giving the opportunity for other railways to run their own locomotives and rolling stock on BSLR metals. The Ames Light Railway and Tryfon Vale Light Railway were just two of a number of visiting railways who transported their own steam locomotives, passenger stock and freight wagons which took part in this annual extravaganza. The BSLR management would like to offer their heartfelt thanks for all those who took part and made the gala day a great success. Photos of the gala day can be found in photos.

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co

2 August 2012 - Church Tower Collapse

Residents of Brynton were rudely awoken in the early hours of 1st August when the bell tower of the local church collapsed suddenly and without warning. The entire face of the tower, which has stood for over 800 years, had fallen away exposing the interior of the bell tower to the elements. No one was injured in the incident which occurred at 1.20 am when local residents were safely tucked up in bed. Landlord of the Smugglers Inn Jack Daniels said “we was going to bed and had just put out the light when there was a terrific bang followed by a loud crashing noise. I looked out the window and saw that the front of the church had disappeared". Ms Dotty Jones, a near-by resident, said “I was awoken by a huge bang, I didn’t know what to think. I heard people in the street shouting that the church had collapsed. I was very worried about my cat, but I found Matilda safe and sound in the airing cupboard". Rev. Bartholomew Simpson was distraught on seeing the damage to his beloved church the following morning. “Everything seemed fine when I left it last night” he said, “I don’t know what the Archdeacon will make of all this. The church roof appeal fund isn’t going to stretch to repairing this mess”. Initial structural reports show that the remainder of the tower is in no danger of collapsing. The bell is reported to be undamaged despite having fallen the full height of the tower. Local builder Mick ‘the Brick’ Layer has offered his services free of charge and it is hoped that repair work will start soon.

1 August 2012 - Snaed Station Building

The BSLR are pleased to announce the opening of the new station building at Snaed. The new building is an exact replica of the original one which was destroyed by fire many years ago. The BSLR wish to thank all of the volunteers for their hard work and dedication, and all those who have donated so generously to the station appeal fund.

Below: The new station building at Snaed. 

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co

25 April 2011 - BSLR Features In Garden Rail Magazine

Some time ago the BSLR undertook a publicity exercise when our public relations department submitted an article about the BSLR together with numerous photos for publication in a well known railway magazine. The PR Dept are pleased to announce that the article features on the cover of the May issue of Garden Rail with an eight page feature inside. The article has been very well received by the staff and users of the railway, many of whom are delighted to see themselves in the photos and to have their names in print.

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co.

18 October 2010 - Carriage & Wagon: New Stock Update

The Carriage & Wagon Department have completed construction of the two remaining new passenger carriages with No.5, a three compartment 1st/3rd bogie coach and No.6, a two compartment 3rd coach both successfully completing their test runs recently. Both carriages are now in service, albeit a little later than anticipted, and are proving to be very popular.

Right: Olga with the new rake in Brynton station.

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co.

13 August 2010 – Permanent Way: Track Misalignment at Snaed - Update 

Following the recent three day engineering blockade at Snaed in order to re-lay the track bed after removal of some of the existing sub-base, the P-Way Dept report that the original plan proved to be unachievable in the timescales allowed due to unforseen complications. A temproary bridge structure was therefore constructed to replace the track bed in order to handback the railway on time and in working order. After due consideration the BSLR management have decided that a bridge structure is probably the better option and are currently seeking tenders for the provision of a more permanent bridge structure to

replace the temporary one.

Bryon & Snaed Light Railway Co.

13 August 2010 - Carriage & Wagon: New Stock Latest

The latest news from the Carriage & Wagon Department is that construction of passenger carriage No.4, a two compartment 1st/3rd guard bogie coach, is complete. The vehicle completed a series of test runs at the end of July and is now in service and is proving to be very popular.

The C&W Dept will shortly start construction of the second of the three new carriages and hope to release it into traffic by the end of this month.

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co.

9 July 2010 – Permanent Way: Track Misalignment at Snaed

Following recent train crew reports of rough riding at Snaed the Permanent Way department undertook an inspection of the track at the east end of Snaed station which revealed track misalignment caused by upward movement of the track bed. The cause of this movement is a large eucalyptus tree adjacent to the railway at the east end of Snaed station whose roots are now forcing the track bed to rise.

After due consideration the BSLR management have decided that removal of the offending tree would not be environmentally-friendly and may impact greatly on the local wildlife, and they have therefore decided to carry out major engineering work to resolve the issue. This work will involve lifting of the track and removal of the existing track bed, removal of some of the sub-base and subsequent replacement of the track bed and replaying of the track.

This work will necessitate the partial closure of the railway for a period of three days. The work is expected to start soon and, in order to minimise disruption to the railway and the general public, will take place mid-week. During this period a special timetable will be in operation with passenger trains terminating and starting at Snaed. Gypsum traffic will run top & tailed via Brynton with a reversing move at Bridge Jn. In the meantime a temporary speed restriction of 5mph has been imposed over the affected section of track.

Bryon & Snaed Light Railway Co.

9 July 2010 - Carriage & Wagon: New Stock Update

BSLR management took a decision back in April to expand their passenger rolling stock with the addition of three new carriages. Orders were subsequently placed for materials to enable the construction of a three compartment 1st/3rd bogie coach, a two compartment 3rd 4 wheel coach and a two compartment 1st/3rd guard bogie coach. All materials were delivered mid-May and construction of the guard bogie coach commenced without delay.

The latest news from the Carriage & Wagon Department is that construction and painting of the bodywork has been completed and the carriage has been fully fitted internally. It will shortly be mounted on its bogies and the step boards fitted. Attachment of brassware and iron external fittings will complete the work. Test runs are expected to be carried out next week and it is anticipated that the carriage will be available for traffic by the end of this month.

Brynton & Snaed Light Railway Co.

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